CHIEF’s Ben Tonge takes the director’s seat for Pukka’s new TV ad

Pukka, the renowned savoury pastry brand, has once again teamed up with acclaimed comedy director Ben Tonge to create a mouth-watering TV ad campaign that will captivate audiences nationwide. Directed by Ben and produced by Chief and Walker Agency, this exciting new ad celebrates the people of Britain and their love for Pukka’s delicious range of chilled and frozen Pies, Pasties, Slices, and Sausage Rolls.

Titled ‘Pukka for the People,’ the ad showcases a variety of everyday situations where Pukka’s delectable treats are enjoyed to the fullest. From indulging in sausage rolls by the roadside to savouring slices on the beach, from cheering on their favourite teams while munching to even saving a snack for later, the viewers are taken on a journey of possibilities, highlighting how Pukka is truly for the people.

Ben Tonge, has once again brought his creative vision to life in his third collaboration with Pukka and Walker Agency. With over 20 cast members and 12 scenes filmed across seven locations in just two days, Ben expertly crafts natural and charming performances, capturing the energetic pace and unmistakable British authenticity that sets the commercial apart.

‘Pukka for the People’ is not only a celebration of Pukka’s irresistible treats but also a testament to the brand’s ongoing commitment to innovation and investment. Rachel Cranston, head of brand strategy at Pukka, commented, “It’s been another milestone year for us here at Pukka. Our ongoing investment and full-on flavour pipeline of innovation is welcoming millions of new shoppers to the category – from unveiling a first-to-market Pepperoni Pizza Pie and Slice to bringing the heat (and full-on flavour) to freezers with our new frozen Pies, Bakes & Sausage Rolls.”

Rachel further added, “But none of this would be possible without the people of Britain – which is why we’re putting them at the heart of our latest campaign and building even more momentum for the category. Our new ‘Pukka for the people’ creative shines a light on the many ways our wide range of products can be enjoyed, inspiring Brits to tuck into Pukka products any way they please – hot or cold, at home or on-the-go. By reminding the nation of the quality, versatility, and full-on flavour we’ve long been known and loved for, we’ll drive even more shoppers to supermarket aisles and savoury pastry fixtures, continuing to support incremental sales growth for our retail customers with the Pukka magnetism that has proven to pull in shoppers.”

With the ‘Pukka for the People’ campaign running throughout the summer, Pukka aims to reach record heights in brand awareness and demand for its products. By showcasing the quality, versatility, and irresistible full-on flavour, Pukka will inspire millions of people to choose Pukka when they crave a satisfying and delicious savoury pastry.

Watch the Pukka Ad here.