Chief Production’s dreams all came true this summer when they were invited to work with Chester Zoo on their Explore the World in One Day campaign.

Directed by Yoni Weisberg, this 40 second ad was developed entirely through our Media City studios.

The piece is part of the not-for-profit zoo’s campaign that not only highlights their fantastic animals and immersive experiences, but the crucial conservation work taking place too.

Whilst families have not been able to explore much of the world beyond their own front door step for the past few years, the film showcases that at Chester Zoo visitors can travel from the plains of Africa to the forests of Madagascar and the islands of South East Asia, and still be home in time for tea!

Colin Offland – CEO at Chief comments, “Working with Chester Zoo has been on our wish list for a while. As a conservation powerhouse, their work is critical to preventing extinction and tackling the biodiversity crisis – something we care so much about at Chief. Ensuring that our planet remains diverse and vibrant is in line with our ethos. So it was great to be involved in creating a film to connect people with nature and use its voice to create positive change.”

Watch the film here.