The carbon calculator allows registered users to collaborate and share information about carbon output and impact across four key areas: travel, transport, energy and fuels. These data and calculations allow agencies and brands to identify and focus on the highest carbon emitting elements of a production and make changes accordingly.

The calculator has been developed by the team who developed BAFTA’s Albert. AdGreen spent 10 years monitoring and understanding the Albert system before launching their own version. AdGreen are also planning to launch a certification system that will reward agencies and brands that meet a minimum standard.

Chief CEO, Colin Offland says “We’ve been trying to make our productions as sustainable as possible for a long time and to have a tool to quantify that is game changing.”

“The second you are aware of your carbon waste it motivates you to approach your production differently,”

He adds that the calculator will help to reinforce controversial waste saving decisions, such as vegan-only catering, declining in-person meetings and banning paper treatments.